Employee Engagement Survey Free – Should You Stay in Your Job?

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Employee Engagement Survey Free Version

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An Employee Engagement Survey is typically used by organisations to understand the level of engagement of staff in various part of the business and at various levels. If you would like a more academic look to supplement the Employee Engagement Survey Free Version, this article by William H. Macey and Benjamin Schneider provides an interesting and useful read.

The Employee Engagement Survey Free Version helps you to make the tough decision of whether you are in the right role.

Employee Engagement Survey Free – What’s Different?

Unlike traditional surveys, this Employee Engagement Survey Free Version focusses solely on you. Sometimes when you are in a role, it becomes difficult to look at you in your current role objectively. The Employee Engagement Survey Free Version helps you to make the tough decision of whether you are in the right role. It also pinpoints where you are satisfied and dissatisfied in your role so that you can create actions to increase your engagement if you wish to.

The Employee Engagement Survey Free Version provides an overall check against your current employment. More importantly, it cuts across dimensions so that you can diagnose your needs. In particular the Employee Engagement Survey Free Version provides you with scores based on your responses for:

  • Career engagement
  • Engagement to the organisation
  • Engagement to the management
  • Engagement to your team
  • Health, well-being and engagement
  • Job engagement
  • Basic Factor engagement
  • And your mental engagement

After all, we do not want to end up like the employee in the video – and it was her first day!

Employee Engagement Survey Free - is she engaged?

Welcome to your Employee Engagement Survey

Within the Employee Engagement Survey Free Version there are 51 questions in total. We have researched these based on best practise engagement items, and from the most common reasons that people leave their jobs. We have then clustered these into areas of engagement. This is to enable you understand aspects of the job work well for you, and which do not.

Although this is called and Employee Engagement Survey Free Version, it also aims to understand your level of job satisfaction. This aims to provide you with some independent advice - should I look for a new job!

Firstly, please complete you name and email address below so that we can send you your results. Once you have done this, simply click the next button below that to start your survey.

Full Name (will not be passed to others)Email
1) You never look at the possibility of getting a new job?
2) The ‘feeling fresh’ period after you take a holiday lasts as long as it always has?
3) You are always taken seriously by others in the business?
4) You can easily interchange roles with other team members and you naturally help each other out at work?
5) You still have great passion for your job role?
6) Your manager displays all of the important skills of management ?
7) There is no unwanted personal stress in your role?
8) You talk positively about your job to others outside of work?
9) My manager and/or other influencers on my career at work actively sponsor me for career advancement in the business?
10) You feel that others see your role as important to the business?
11) You understand how your work contributes to the overall success of the business?
12) You have belief and trust in the Directors that steer the company?
13) You can have a laugh and have fun at work?
14) You think about how good the job is, rather than how much you are earning?
15) The skills that you are good at are used by the business?
16) Your general conversations and hallway chatter with managers and other influencers have grown over time?
17) Resources for your role are always given priority?
18) In team meeting you are ‘on the ball’, fully engaged, and participate in full?
19) All staff  interactions are positive?
20) You feel motivated each morning to get out of bed and go to your job role?
21) There is a strong feeling of teamwork in your area of work?
22) As your Job duties steadily increase, your pay keeps pace?
23) You are able to meet your personal 'life' objectives within the organisation?
24) Your performance appraisal scores go up year-after-year?
25) You regard some of your peers as personal friends?
26) Your ways of working fits with the organisations culture (you feel comfortable in the organisational environment)?
27) You feel secure in your role?
28) Your personal financial needs are being met from what you earn for the job?
29) You are able to control how much work you take home and take it home because you want to?
30) On Sunday evenings you never have negative thoughts about work on Monday?
31) You have and can see clear routes to promotion?
32) The quality of the products and services is the highest priority for your organisation?
33) You find the work interesting in your job role?
34) You are never overlooked for promotions that you might want?
35) You are able to use the skills that you enjoy using?
36) You have a great working relationship with your manager?
37) You go home feeling satisfied with the quality of your work?
38) Ethically, the organisation works well and meets your ethical standards?
39) There are always new experiences in your job role?
40) Your industry is healthy and expanding?
41) You never think about retirement?
42) You never face verbal abuse at work?
43) Your Work life balance in this role is perfect for your needs?
44) The company is financially stable?
45) Your ideas are always heard/listened to by management?
46) The location of the job role is an easy and enjoyable commute?
47) Your pension and other benefits are fair and reasonable?
48) You receive appropriate praise and recognition and are told ‘well done’ when it is deserved?
49) You have great relationships with the team around you?
50) Work stress never affects your personal health?
51) You have belief in the company as a business?
52) Just answering these questions will have put a number of thoughts in your mind. It is unusual to think about your role in such a detailed way. Write down your thoughts below to capture this valuable information.

Now submit your Employee Engagement Survey to get your results.


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