Resilience and Job Searching

Thought For The Day: Resilience and Job Searching

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Resilience and job searching go hand in hand and separate those that get the jobs they want from those that ‘settle’ for a role. Use the following analogy when you are looking for a job, or anything else you want in life.

If we assume I wanted, for whatever reason, to find someone with a green car. I go up to the first person I see and ask, “Do you have a green car?” They look at me strangely, and say, “No”. I now have two choices. Feeling deflated, and hearing an old girlfriends voice in my mind stating, “You will never do well. You will never be a success”, I cower off and somehow justify in my mind that I didn’t really need to find someone with a green car. You say to yourself, “She was right. I will never be a success.” I failed, and have to live with the consequences.

Now think of the alternative, and this is one that separates those that do well, and not so well in their careers. This time after the person says “no”, I stop, have a think, and realise that one out of every nine┬ápeople have a green car. By the law of averages, I┬ájust got closer to finding someone with a green car! Oh yes, and some of my competition looking for the green car just disappeared – they listened to the voices in their head and ran off. I can also improve. Given he reaction of the person when I asked if they had a green car, perhaps I need to ask in a slightly different way? It is exactly the same when you make career choices and when you search for a job.

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