Self Confidence Questionnaire for the Job Seeker

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Self Confidence Questionnaire for Job Seekers

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Self confidence questionnaire’s have been around for a while, but we have been unable to find any particularly focused on the job seeker. The Job Seeker Self Confidence Questionnaire has been design based on the work of a prominent Psychologist.

Introduction to the Self Confidence Questionnaire

Showing confidence is essential when you are looking for a new job.

Outplacement consultants will often tell you that the best time to get a new job is straight after a success.
Outplacement consultants will often tell you that the best time to get a new job is straight after a success. This is when you are feeling most confident. It shows in your body language and how you speak about yourself. However, the reality is very different for the job seeker. The job seeker is often looking for a new job because of down-sizing or restructures. They might be looking for a new job because their present job has had such a negative impact on them, that they just can’t work there any more. The reality is that most people look for a job when they are at a low point. To add to this, you may well get an early rejection from your application, so it get worse. We need to understand this, and that is what the Job Seeker Self Confidence Questionnaire aims to do.

This self confidence questionnaire is a short and intended to simply let you know where you are. The Job Seeker Self Confidence Questionnaire is below. Be honest in your responses, and it will show you where you are right now, and divide the results into 3 areas. The 3 areas of the Job Seeker Self Confidence Questionnaire helps you target your self confidence for greatest effect.


Welcome to your Job Seeker Self Confidence Questionnaire. This questionnaire has been designed for you as a job seeker or potential job seeker. Please complete the information below so that we can send you your results by email.

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1) When I face difficulty in finding the right job, I feel negative and wonder if I will ever get the right job.
2) When job searching I keep trying, even after others have given up.
3) If I work hard to find the right job, I'll find the job I am looking for.
4) During interviews I never perform at me best simply because I am so nervous
5) I am excited and motivated throughout every job application process.
6) I am able to talk with people who have similar skills and experience and have been successful at getting the right job.
7) I feel positive and energized about getting a new job.
8) I believe that if I work hard at finding the right role, I'll get the job I really want.
9) When I get invited to interview I become nervous and wonder what I have let myself in for.
10) People generally give me positive feedback on my work and achievements.
11) I achieve generally the goals I set for myself.
12) When searching for a job, I search for the types of jobs that expected of me, rather than what I believe to be right job for me.
13) I have watched a number of people that I know who have successfully secured the job they wanted.
14) When I get past a stage in the recruitment process, I think about the lessons I've learned and how I can apply them to other job applications.
15) I need to experience success early when looking for a job, or I won't continue looking for the same type of job role.
16) I relate to people who work very hard to get the right job role, and still don't accomplish their goals.
17) If the job advertised looks difficult to get, I avoid applying for it.

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When you have completed the Job Seeker Self Confidence Questionnaire and viewed your results, you might wish to go back the career coach page. This will help you with your motivation to get the right job for you.

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