Curriculum Vitae and Resume Example Achievements

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Curriculum Vitae and Resume Example Achievements by Candidate Tips

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Introduction to Your Curriculum Vitae and Resume Example Achievements

The following list has been prepared to provide you with template models for how your achievements should be formatted for your curriculum vitae or resume. These are good and well rounded curriculum vitae and resume example achievements.

Good Achievements Format for your CV

  1. All have numbers. This is to show the business impact of your work and to draw the readers eye. This is the most important factor in preparing your achievements. It just makes you look more business focused! Complete this exercise using the method stated here.
  2. Always state ‘what’ you did, but never ‘how’. If you state how, it will become more than a bullet. Moreover, if you state how, then the interviewer already knows the answer. it is much better to tease and let them wait for interview to ask how.
  3. Mix your numbers. Sometimes cash figures. These are the most powerful, but you need to come across as rounded in your measurement. Instead of cash, sometimes use percentages, straight numbers, award won, ‘first in the business to..’, and so on.

The following are Curriculum Vitae and Resume Example Achievements. These are to give you ideas and to get the creative juices flowing. We have categorised them to show the variety of numbers that you can use. Enjoy.

Example Financial Achievements and Accomplishments for your CV or Resume

  • Coordinated and managed 6 large transactions through syndication across [business areas] through tight time-scales and on time resulting in £150,000 enhanced profit.
  • Introduced a system that cut manufacturing costs by 10% and enhanced profit by £1.2 Million in first full year.
  • Negotiated a significant reduction in supplier costs leading to a saving of £56,000 over a 12 month period.

Example Percentage Achievements and Accomplishments for your CV

  • Managed cost centre budgets ensuring 100% were kept within budget/phasing requirements and delivered 5% of total resource back to the business at year-end.
  • Through informal and formal surveys, and successfully marketed to customer needs, enhanced relationships with existing customers resulting in 99% repeat business and a 25% rise in recommended business.
  • Coached and developed staff in areas of conformance leading to 100% key indicator audit result.
  • Introduced a new performance management system in liaison with line managers which resulted in a 15% increase in sales turnover in six months.
  • Undertook 40% of manager’s role so they could divert energy to more proactive and productive business resulting in a 3% increase in business above target.
  • Re-modelled working practices within the branch resulting in a 50% reduction in required actions resulting from audits over a three year period.
  • Provided continuous coaching and motivation to team members resulting in 30% of individuals being promoted within the organisational structure.

Example Time-Based Example Achievements and Accomplishments for your CV

  • Introduced a computerised Credit Control and Debt Collection system resulting in a reduction of debtor days from 65 to 48 within eight months from Introduction.
  • Facilitated 120 people days training in branch across a range of topics from loss prevention to customer service resulting in 10% increase in sales across all product groups.
  • Through self-study gained CIPD status within 3.5 years of joining [organisation].

Strong Example Mixed Number Achievements and Accomplishments

  • Developed relationships across [organisation] and within 12 large client organisations (top 1,000) through to all levels including CEO with a total value of business to [organisation] of £1.2 Million per annum.
  • Utilised as a change champion for under-performing branches with 2 ‘turnarounds’ completed during 2015 resulting in an increase of £520K to the bottom line and increase in staff retention of 30% compared to previous year.
  • First in the region to introduce the new coaching methodology with a total of 38 coaching sessions resulting in an increase of 7% against performance targets for the team compared to the previous year including £220,000 over target for new business.
  • Led a cross-functional/sector working party to develop a new credit analysis system resulting in a 30% reduction in time requirement and an estimated 3.2% increase in predictive accuracy. We estimate the savings to [a very large organisation] of this system once promulgated to be in the region of £55 Million year on year.
  • Motivated and led 20 reports ensuring 100% retention within xxxx resulting in a cost saving of £40,000 against business average.
  • Analysed and rectified customer complaints ensuring repeat complaints were reduced to 3% against a national average of 12% resulting in a cost saving of £32,000 year on year.
  • Within organisational guidelines, assured the recruitment, selection and induction for 10 roles within the branch ensuring no role was vacant for more than 1 week and with 0% losses in the twelve months following the job holders’ arrival.
  • Acted as business partner to analyse needs and implemented a database to standardise the quarterly xxxx return across branches with an estimate time saving across the business area of 450 people days per year (equivalent to £40,000 salary saving per year).
  • Streamlined branch procedures in line with the Operational Risk Manual providing a time saving of 130 people days per year within the branch as a whole (equivalent to £13,000 saving year on year).
  • Efficiently controlled all cheque processing and petty cash payments with a responsibility for £10,000 float and with 100% accuracy.
  • Designed and implemented a mail sort system which improved speed of internal mail distribution by 50% and with a time saving of 24 days per year.

Other Types of Example Accomplishments and Achievements

  • Top 5 performer in the country for [product sales] and registering customers for our business website.
  • 1st to adopt a new system, pilot it, and then train other across 28 business areas.
  • Won the MD prize for innovation resulting in the change of processes across 380 staff.
  • Successfully completed 8 Marathons in 3 countries, and 4 Iron Man events including one in the Arctic.

We hope these Curriculum Vitae and Resume Example Achievements help.

If you are following pathways, now please move on to Self-Confidence Questionnaire.

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      Thanks Albert. The Resume or CV is the first point of contact for the employer. Get this right and most interviewers will use the CV as guidance for the interview. You will already be on a winner.

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