Visualisation for Anxiety in Interviews

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visualisation for anxiety in Interviews by Candidate Tips

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Visualisation as a technique is now widely used by sports men and women. It is also used by top performing executives. Using visualisation for anxiety in interviews is an effective method for controlling nervousness. The rationale is simple. What we say to ourselves, the pictures we hold of ourselves in our mind, have a direct bearing on how we perform.

An Exercise using Visualisation for Anxiety in Interviews

To prove this, try the following with a close associate or friend. This exercise aims to help you understand how visualisation for anxiety in interviews as a technique can really help you. The instructions are as follows:

  1. One person to stand straight and put their weakest arm out horizontally. The second person then tests the strength of the arm by pushing it down. The first person is to resist and keep their arm up. Here, we are effectively calibrating their strength.
  2. Now for the person standing with their arm out is instructed to close their eyes.
    • They are asked to say, as if they were a child and had just been sent to their room, “I’m a bad boy/girl” and repeat this 9 or 10 times.
    • The second person should then test the arm between 7 and 9 repeats of “I’m a bad boy/girl”.
    • The arm will be weak because of what they are saying to themselves. Now repeat the process by saying, “I’m a good boy/girl” with enthusiasm.
    • This time the arm will be stronger because of the positive things the first person is saying to themselves.
  3. Now repeat this process by asking the first person to close their eyes with their arm out and remembering an interview or other failure experience.
    • Ask them to picture themselves as if it was happening right now.
    • Ask them to hear the sounds around them the moment things were not going so well.
    • Now ask them to feel how it felt at that moment.
    • Without warning them, now test their arm.
    • The arm is likely to be weak.
    • Repeat the process while remembering a success. This time the arm will be stronger. If we just focus on failures in our lives, we make our bodies weaker for the next challenge and then wonder why we didn’t succeed. Well, the truth is that we give ourselves the chance to succeed!
  4. Finally, the first person with their eyes closed and weakest arm out thinks of something they want in the next part of their life. It could be to obtain a certain job role, their career in the future, to start their own business, or whatever.
    • Once they have thought of it, they say out loudly, “I will NEVER ….” And repeat this 9 or 10 times.
    • Between 7 and 9 times the second person should test the arm. Again, it will be weak.
    • Now repeat the process, and with enthusiasm, using the words, “I WILL ….”. This time the arm is much stronger.
    • Imagine how much damage you can do if you say to yourself, “I will never get that job”. Or, “They will just laugh at my presentation”. As soon as you hear yourself say it, I want you to immediately say “delete delete”. Now replace it with a positive alternative.

You see, what we say to ourselves has a direct effect on how we perform. Using visualisation for anxiety in interviews is a very powerful tool for getting the right job.

The Process of Using Visualisation for Anxiety in Interviews

To help you maximise the potential of using visualisation for anxiety in interviews, we have provided a process which you will find in ‘visualising your career‘.

A True Story about Effective Visualisation

The Australian sailing team had not won the America’s Cup for many years. They had begun to feel like they never could. Their new coach decided to buy an environment cassette tape of the ocean lapping over a boat called the ‘Mastic Sailing Ship’. He had recorded over the tape a narration of the Australian sailing team beating the American team – “And we coming around the last check point and as we look back the American team are 40 lengths behind….”

He then got the team into pairs and made them listen to that tape twice a day, every day, for 5 YEARS. After that, the Australians could not believe in any alternative except for beating the Americans. That year, the Australian team won the Americas Cup!

Use visualisation for anxiety in interviews as one of the primary methods for handling the negative feelings that you may have associated with interviews.

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