Steadying for Control – Interview Nervousness

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Steadying for Control by Candidate Tips

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Steadying for control is a simple technique, and one used by actors to steady themselves before they hit the stage or the audition. This provides a useful way of ‘getting yourself ready’ for the interview or a presentation. For this method, try the following steps:

  1. Stand upright in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  2. Imagine that your feet are attached to the floor with the strongest of glues.
  3. Now imagine that there is the toughest of steel rods running from within the ground, through both legs, up through your body and then bolted to the ceiling. There is nothing that can move this rod or you.
  4. When you have that picture firmly in your mind, take three slow and deep breaths whilst still keeping the picture firmly in your mind.
  5. Break concentration, and repeat.

You will find some great actors advise on the web. Try Two Tips for Steadying the Wild Mind for a start, and remember to then relate it to the interview situation.

You are now ‘ready for action’ and in control of your body.

Steadying for control is a great technique, and one this author uses in a variety of situations. You may prefer a relaxation technique. If so, click here.

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