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Who Should you Network With? Types of People

You need to ensure you have a balanced network – a range of people who can help you in different ways. When deciding who should you network with, think about these groups:

Bosses They will enthusiastically delegate and coach you to help adopt new skills. Remember past line managers too.
Mentors People who will give you advice, support and feedback. They may be formal or informal. It does not really matter as long as they have some breadth of experience and you trust them.
Players They are in a position of authority and what they say goes. They can get you access at a higher level. Think about those you know outside of work through sports, clubs and associations.
Role Models They have already been there and done it. Their advice will save you a learning curve.
Movers People on their way up in the business using their new ideas and ways of working
Sparks They make you think creatively – spark you off. You will have friends just like this.
Provokers They may play devil’s advocate or stimulate you to look at things in a new way.
Positive Partners Those who are there to encourage and support you when you need it most
Gatekeepers People who have a wide range of contacts and can gain you access to those contacts.

Your Approach to Defining Who you Should Network with

The rule here is to develop as broad a network as possible so that there is a system of support available to help you in different ways.
The rule here is to develop as broad a network as possible so that there is a system of support available to help you in different ways. Use the grid defined within your personal assets workbook to complete your own list under each heading.

To help you work out what part of your network are best to utilise, we have prepared a free download worksheet to accompany this page. Before progressing, we would suggest downloading this free resource by using the form below. This will also register you for our latest articles and tips.

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Who Should You Network With: These Groups

If you are to tackle this strategically, and we suggest that this is the best approach, there are some groups to avoid. They will do more harm than good. We have classified them below. Think which of your potential network fall into these groups.

Wingers They moan about everything but never offering solutions.
Whirlwinds Always rushing around and in a panic. Their crisis should be yours and is certainly more important than anything else
Negativity carriers They feel that every idea is bad, nothing will work and will criticise any attempts you make to progress.

Which of the above are you currently close to or networked with? They are damaging you and you must take action.

If you are following the pathways, move on to communicating with your network.

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