Application Forms

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Application Forms

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Introduction to Application Forms

Application forms are most common in the Public Sector. These application methods have significant disadvantages for the candidate. They cannot really be avoided, though there are one or two “risk” elements, which will be discussed.

Application Forms – Disadvantages for the Job Seeker

Application forms essentially have more disadvantages for the job searcher:

  • Often there is not enough space to say what you feel is both necessary and important.
  • You cannot omit information being requested. CV’s provide only the information you wish to provide.
  • There appears to be a greater emphasis placed on education and academic achievements – usually on the front page.
  • There appears to be little scope for individual expression.
  • There is often a requirement for historical information and knowledge, probably long since lost and forgotten.
  • It is often difficult to specially detail particular strengths, skills and achievements.
  • The job searcher is never really sure whether to use typeface or own handwriting (often type is impossible owing to the design of the form).

Download a Pack on Application Forms

We have prepared extensive advise to help you skirt the minefield of application forms. This is in the form of a download which you can find here.

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