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Cultural Fit Definitions

Introduction to Cultural Fit Definitions

Cultural fit is about the synergy between you, your role and your employer. Where you have good cultural fit, you will feel aligned with the jobs ways of working, and the organisations philosophy, ethos, values and brand. Cultural fit creates feelings of comfort and motivation. Work becomes a little like a home from home.

Cultural Fit Descriptions

You have just completed the Organisation Culture Fit Questionnaire, and you will have one or more outcomes relating to the following possibilities: Dominance Accommodating Convincing Introverted Down-to-earth Animated Precise Headstrong You will find below typical cultural preferences for each type. Pick only the 2 or 3 that apply most to you. Please remember that we are trying to ‘box’ you into categories, and humans are much more fluid than any simple category. Therefore, it may be that whilst most of the definition will apply to you, there will be elements within a definition that are incorrect for you as an individual. Ignore these elements.

The Best Cultural Fit for You

Simply select the elements based on your results. Use only the results that were away from the middle ground – we need the extremes.

This culture can be defined as powerful, authoritative, assertive, competitive, robust, go-getting, straightforward and one that wants to be seen.

It has little or no patience for time wasting in its single-minded attempt to get things done, sometimes, no matter what the cost. It is status-conscious and seeks power to fulfil its status. Although it can be quite outgoing, it also has an inquisitive nature that will challenge conventional thinking.

Natural Weaknesses 

Assertiveness can become aggression. Power can itself become self-fulfilling turning into egotism, self-importance, using modes of telling rather than listening. In extreme cases, the culture may put the potential customer off by seeming a little (or a lot) patronising, overbearing, blunt, impatient and sarcastic.

Natural Strengths

Self-sufficiency, straightforward plain language, dynamism, assurance, flamboyance, aspirational and inspirational nature. It is a leader, though sometimes a little too much of one for some customer groups who like a more human touch.

This culture can be defined as cordial, easy-going, sincere, obliging, approachable, moderate and cautious.

It is there to provide service to the customer no matter what the constraints. The customer is always king. Fairly conservative in its approach, it is modest to the extreme. Humble, unpretentious, it seeks direction in a true and sober state. Can come across as mild, may have underlying apprehension and hesitancy as to its own true feelings and those around it. Always respectful, unassuming and happy to be routine and do the routine. This culture is the ultimate customer servant that plays very safe in a traditional way.

Natural Weaknesses

In extreme cases, those who are less genuine may take advantage of this type of culture. Because of its moderate nature, it can become confused as to what it really is – are not all cultures customer-friendly? The centre ground which it attempts to hold can also dilute its perceived worth. Modest, routine, traditional and indecisive in nature, it can find it difficult to be noticed. Easily intimidated by a strong culture, it can be easily overwhelmed.

Natural Strengths

A real customer-focused culture in the traditional sense. Lots of acclaimed positive old-fashioned values to do with customer service. Cordial, pleasing others, obliging, gentle, trustable and careful are just a few words to describe the customer-friendly nature of this culture. In some ways, this is the culture type from which all cultures try to detach themselves from in order to be different.

This culture can be defined as extroverted, optimistic, oral, promotional, persuasive, charismatic and sales-oriented.

Self-important by nature, it also appears as self-confident in promoting its every action to anyone who will listen. Always likes to be noticed, it sells itself with poise in an almost self-possessed way. Appearing to be cosmopolitan, it never stops talking. It appears as aspirational, trustable, lively, eager and positive. However, if we dig a little deeper there can be inadequacies in the culture. It may come across as shallow, superficial and self-indulging. The culture may also seem a little short-lived and trendy.

Natural Weaknesses 

It can seem to say, “Please believe I am wealthy, sympathetic, warm and likeable”. Others (by no means all) can see it as a plastic replica. Mixed messages can lead to confusion and mistrust.

Natural Strengths 

Appearing poised most of the time, this culture can be seen as one to acquire. A joy to have and be with. You normally get noticed with this culture, and that is why you probably got it in the first place! It networks, has charisma, convinces, and never stops selling itself. On the surface, a great culture to possess and show off to others.

This culture can be defined as independently thoughtful, reserved, diligent, reflective, rational and serious.

For the introverted culture, life is to be carefully examined, taken seriously, and acted out in a cautious and restrained way. Quietly thoughtful, the introverted culture distrusts the superficial, is self-conscious and can appear somewhat detached or isolated. Quiet in the social contexts, likely to be nonetheless accomplished at what it attempts to do. Almost a secret waiting to be found out by the customer.

This culture can seem pessimistic. The pessimism is more to do with its rational and deep thinking rather than pure fatalism.

Natural Weaknesses 

As a culture, it can be too quiet for its own good – not all treasures are discovered. Its humble, remote and restrained nature can under-sell the positive benefits. Can be easily misinterpreted to be fatalistic pessimism.

Natural Strengths 

Factual by nature, the culture looks at what comes from within rather than the superficial surface. It will be comprehensive in its approach having painstakingly assessed, questioned and probed the service from all perspectives. You know it’s a serious culture appealing to those who want a professional service.

This culture can be defined as sincere, helpful, reliable, personal, family-oriented and predictable. The most dependable of cultures – a real member of the family. Trusted by everyone, the culture is a real solid member of the business, always there where you need it most. Soft-tempered, friendly and very sincere, it provides intimate security at all times. It forms long-lasting attachments to those who trust it and it trusts. It provides inner peace though reliably doing what you would expect it to do. Controlled, easy-going and relaxed.

However, as a culture it cannot always adjust to different situations. Instead, once security of what it knows well is removed, it becomes uncertain and may fluster. The same applies to its natural rhythm. These cultures work well at the pace they were designed for. Take them to a new pace, and they find it difficult to cope with the change.

Natural Weaknesses 

Made for what they do well. Specifically designed as a culture for a certain customer groups and cannot be easily re-cultured. They gained their credibility for the roles they perform so well. Consequently, ask them to perform a different role, they fluster and could cease altogether. Psychologically, may hold grudges for customers who mistreat them.

Natural Strengths 

Caring, perhaps even ecological, they stick closely with those who trust them – they don’t let you down. ‘Peace of mind’ is a term often associated with these cultures. They are reliable, safe, and genuine with nothing hidden, intentional in their approach, they are there to calm in moments of crisis.

Rugged, outgoing, sporty, eager, excitable, spirited and youthful.

Life is all about living on the edge. Very fast-paced by nature, these cultures love the rough and tumble of life seeking the adrenaline rush wherever possible. Highly-strung, impetuous and almost neurotic, their nervous energy is hard to keep pace with as they rush from one kick to another. Variety is the spice of life and boredom sets in as soon as the activity stops.

Natural Weaknesses 

These cultures are almost childlike, never giving more than a momentary thought before taking action (and risky action at that!). Fidgety, uneasy and unsettled, you somehow get the feeling they lack longevity. Likely to crash out in a blaze of momentary glory. These cultures are never satisfied, impatient for the next thrill.

Natural Strengths 

So much energy that it is difficult not to be infected by it. All the right athletic messages like, “You only live once”, “No pain, no gain”, “Go for it”, and so on. Light-hearted, taking nothing too seriously and providing youthfulness to all.

This culture can be defined as the most technologically competent, precise, correct, rule-led, methodical and disciplined of all culture types.

Conservative approach looking for perfection in everything. If there is a standard to be met, this culture does it and more. Everything is ordered and complies with the rules in a cold and businesslike fashion. Logic is the key with little time for creativity. Able to handle the smallest detail, these cultures may not be the most influential, but are certainly the most correct in their approach. Utilised for their superiority, resilience and technical sophistication.

Natural Weaknesses 

Can be so self-critical about the smallest details forgetting the success of the big picture. With such technical accuracy, these cultures almost worry themselves that there may be the slightest fault. Without regulation, rules and standards they can become lost in what they are attempting to do. They may lack the flair and creativity to get them noticed.

Natural Strengths 

According to the dominant regulations, these cultures conform beyond the regulation whenever they can. The care taken to ensure superiority also ensures their reputation and longevity. The customer always knows where they are and become prepared to pay the premium for that trust.

Autonomous, creative, opinionated, fearless, rebellious, independent and plainspoken.

At the extreme, it displays resolute doggedness in the face of all adversity. Strong-willed single-mindedness and no thought to convention enables a creative flow not replicated to such a degree in any other cultures. Self-belief governs the culture to whatever it takes for getting its way. “My way or the highway” epitomises this culture type that runs totally free of convention with its own moral code. A real rebel in the market place or business appealing to those who want to just be different.

Natural Weaknesses 

It speaks plainly and with insolence, ridiculing and antagonising whatever gets in its way. It will condescend to and patronise tactlessly and treat all with contempt. Hence, by its very nature it can only be a niche culture never destined for mass appeal. Totally bull-headed, it will never listen to customer feedback. Again, if it did, then it would no longer be the culture it was.

Natural Strengths 

With no rules to govern its position, the creativity can be something to behold. Imagine no laws (that you abide by), no credence to accepted norms; able to do what you want in the way you want. The most creative of all culture types. There is also something endearing about the rebelliousness of these cultures – appealing to our inner-selves. Don’t we all wish we could be like that at least once in a while?

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