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Career test free version

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How to best motivate, lead, communicate with are examples of the reason there has been such a concentration on personality theories and inventories over the past few decades. Used for self-understanding, development of staff, and in recruitment are typical examples of their versatility. However, and for our purpose, statistically we also find that certain types of people are also drawn into certain types of professions. The Career Test free version aims to understand which professions could naturally suit your personality.

Anyone can do any Role!

Let’s just be clear here. Any type of person can work in any type of profession. In this Career Test free version, we are just looking at some tendencies and to provide you with some ideas for possible career paths. Moreover, if you understand yourself, you will also begin to understand your emotions, motivations and tendencies. Self-awareness is useful in many ways when you are looking for the right role. We can use this data to:

  • Understand the types of career which you are naturally more amenable to.
  • Use some of the data to help you write your ‘personal profile’ on your CV or resume.
  • Use the data for answering some of the more typical interview questions such as, “How would you describe yourself?”

There are a number of models for personality. We are using one of the more widely applied models, which is that based on the work of Hans Eysenck.

The Career Test Free Version and Eynseck’s Four Temperaments

British psychologist Hans Jurgen Eysenck (1916-97) became a prolific writer in the field of clinical psychology, and also had an interest in psychometrics. He fundamentally disagreed with the view that genetics that it was our genes that could explain the differences between people personality.

Our Free Career Test Version and the Personality Dimensions

Eysenck’s 1950s theory measures personality using two scales:

  • Introversion-Extraversion
  • Stability-Instability (unemotional-emotional)

Eysenck tested his model on thousands of people and defined 4 temperaments. These are the results we use in the Career test free version, and are as follows:

  • Choleric – extrovert and emotional (unstable in his clinical language)
  • Melancholic – introvert and emotional
  • Phlegmatic – introvert and unemotional (stable in his language)
  • Sanguine – extrovert and unemotional

The model below provides an outline of some of the traits typically associated with each of the four temperaments.

Career Personality Test 4 temperaments

To find out what types of roles you are most suited to, click the button below for the Career Test free version.

When you have completed the career test free version, move on to using visualisation for really getting to grip with your career goals.

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