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Candidate Tips and How to Find a Job

Welcome to Candidate Tips. This site is dedicated to you, and how to find a job. More precisely, how to find the right job or career for you. Rather than the latest fads, at Candidate Tips, we have chosen to only provide materials that work, and have a proven track record. There are several routes. On this page you will find our latest materials, latest articles, pathways for learning a full area, and a grid full of links to specific needs. 

If you are not sure where to begin, try the following links:

  • Connector.

    Employee Engagement Questionnaire

    Understand how engaged you are in your current role. Click here.

  • Connector.

    A Winning CV Format

    Candidate Tips way to get on the 'yes' pile with recruiters and recruitment software. Click here.

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    Your Personality and Most Suitable Jobs

    Your personality is likely to be more amenable to certain types of work. This is to help you with some ideas. Click here.

Latest on How to Find a Job

Candidate Tips articles and questionnaires are critical for those just setting out on finding the right role. They will provide you with significant advantages over your competitors, and have been designed to be as practical as possible.

Candidate Tips Personality and the right role

Your Personality and the Right Role for You!

Whilst any personality can have any career, this ‘Personality Test’ shows you the typical careers for someone of yor ‘type’.

Candidate Tips Career Goals

Understand your Unique Selling Points

This is what employers are interested in, and the ways in which you can differentiate yourself from competitors.

Candidate Tips Soft Skills Audit

Soft Skills Questionnaire and Selling Yourself

Soft skills become increasingly important as you reach mid-career. They are also essential for marketing yourself.

Candidate Tips Latest Articles

Our articles provide ‘insider’ methods for getting the right role. They are aimed at any job seeker who wishes to get the best role for themselves as an individual.

Start a Candidate Tips Career Pathway 

Candidate Tips pathway approach enables to to concentrate on a particular chank of learning and enacting that learning on hoe to find a job. These are groups of specific topics that link together.

Candidate Tips Career Tools Based on your Specific Needs

We have also categorised this site against particular needs that different individuals may have. This will enable you to find the questionnaires, learning and practical outputs as and when you require them. Simply click on the need below, and all links relating to that need will appear. 

We all have doubts, so what have you got to sell to an employer? Try these:

These are largely for the interview stage. There are rules on how you present strengths and weaknesses. You will find these here:

If you are exploring for your self-development, try these:

You can begin to understand your personality from a number of perspectives with the following inventories:

The job market constantly evolves. Follow the full menu from here:

What could you sell to an employer?

But also check your confidence levels, as this will impact your ability to show what you have to offer:

The best job environment is about cultural and values fit. However, you may also wish to look at the Employee Engagement Survey which will let you know some of the other factors which might be important to you when comparing against your last or current role.

Having goals equates to success. It is proven equation. But also check the goals with your subconscious.

A personal brand will enable you to differentiate yourself as an individual. Use the following general introduction, and the associated tools listed below:

In studies, enthusiasm is the most highly rated trait by employers. You also need to be positive in yourself and in all interactions. Follow the Career Coach for advise, together with the state management technique.

There are lots of variations on CV’s. Some work better than others. We have decided to adopt just a single method, and one that works! To create a successful CV, you will need some good material. Start with achievements as inputs.

Follow the rest of this pathway for more.

Optimise your CV by using the right format, right words, and tailor to the role. Start with the undercover tricks article which which we released on LinkedIn, and it will put you in a very advanced position.

Feared by most, interviews are a game. Once you see them as such, then you can begin to hold some of the best cards in your hand.

Okay, let’s really play this game. Use the following links. The first is an article followed by some very good advanced ways of handling the interview.

We have supplied a good source of external ability tests as and external link. The others are contained on this site.

A great problem to have, but can lead to sleepless nights. Here are some tools to help you from differing perspectives:

And then use the associated tools below this menu item.

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